Jefferson County Public Schools - Then & Now

Photographs in this exhibit illustrate a sample of Jefferson County public schools from the mid-19th century to 2019, showing both an older image and one taken in 2018 or 2019.

The exhibit has photographs of many separate schools for black and white students because county schools were racially segregated until the mid-1960s and not fully integrated until 1971. Although public schools were established for white children beginning in the late 1840s, it was not until the 1870s and 1880s that the county built schools for black children.

Photographs are from the Jefferson County Museum collection, the Jefferson County Black History Preservation Society (JCBHPS), and four issues of the Board of Education's Jefferson County School News (JCSN) from 1976. School names are from the JCSN.

We thank the JCBHPS and Jefferson County Board of Education for permission to use their photographs.

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Jefferson County Public Schools - Then & Now