Local history resources

The Jefferson County Museum houses unique resources related to county history: photographs, correspondence, diaries, account books, business and legal records, land documents, maps, pamphlets, books, newspapers, yearbooks, catalogs, and other materials. Many are cataloged as individual items. Many more are parts of larger document collections (listed below) concerning an individual, family, business, or institution.

See the Online Collection Database for information on individual items and document collections. Digital images of photographs are available in the online database; however, very few of the other local history resources have been digitized. Information about image reproduction fees is available here.

Additional local and regional history books and genealogical material can be found in the Charles Town Library’s Perry Room, located in the same building housing the museum. Search the library’s collection here.


Information for researchers

The Jefferson County Museum’s archives are open to the public and available to researchers via the Online Collection Database and/or by making an appointment to visit the museum.

Researchers who have questions after viewing the database should call 304-725-8628 or send an email to The museum staff can provide only a moderate amount of research. For more extensive research in the archives, researchers are advised to visit the museum. Information about research fees is available here.

(The historian is available from mid-March to mid-December. He will respond in late March or April to requests sent mid-December to mid-March.)

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Jefferson County Museum Document Collections


  • Ankeney, Jane (ARC306)
  • Bane, Frank (ARC271)
  • Beckwith Family (ARC725)
  • Bee Line Chapter, DAR (ARC175)
  • Berry Family Diaries (ARC94)
  • Bielaski, Josephine Murphy and Murphy Family (ARC111)
  • Briscoe Family (ARC139)
  • Briscoe, Evelyn Lamar “Daisy” (ARC342)
  • Brown, James M. (ARC656)
  • Burr, Milton (ARC190)


  • Chamberlain (Chamberlin) Family (ARC558)
  • Chew Family (ARC236, ARC741)
  • Chew, R. P. (ARC234)
  • C.L. Robinson Ice & Cold Storage Corp. (ARC268)
  • Charles Town Cannons (ARC28)
  • Charles Town Horse Show Association (ARC267, 270)
  • Charles Town Jockey Club/Charles Town Race Track (ARC606)
  • Charles Town Jockey Club/ Harry H. Byrer (ARC266)
  • Charlestown Mining, Manufacturing and Improvement Company (ARC422)
  • Coe, Sallie Travers (ARC1222)
  • Conklyn Brothers (ARC191)
  • Dandridge Family (ARC229)
  • Darke, General William (ARC140)
  • Davenport Family (ARC739)
  • Davis (Adams), Julia (ARC172)


  • Eby Family (ARC170)
  • Fox Family (ARC687)
  • Gallaher, W. W. B. (ARC115)
  • Garney, A. V. (ARC110)
  • Gibson, John T. (ARC235)
  • Hall-Hite Family (ARC678)
  • Hall-Marmion, Charlotte Fairbairn Crouch (ARC127)
  • Hall-Tabb Family (ARC285)
  • Heflebower Family (ARC738)
  • Henry Kyd Douglas Camp, SCV (ARC174)
  • Hopkins, Anne Washington (ARC380)
  • Hunter, Philip N. (ARC285)


  • Jefferson County Extension Homemakers (ARC128)
  • Jefferson County Fair Association (ARC665)
  • Jefferson County Preservation Alliance to Save Our Heritage (ARC668)
  • Jenkins, Harry R., III Family (ARC272)
  • Kabletown Methodist Church Sunday School Records (ARC300)
  • Keyes Family (ARC675, 676)
  • Lackland Family (ARC125)
  • Lawson Botts Chapter, UDC (ARC173)
  • Leavell, William T. Charles City Court House (ARC121)
  • Leavell, William T. Charlestown (ARC279)
  • Link, Adam and Bayrle (ARC274)
  • Lippitt Family (ARC123)
  • Lippitt-Craighill Family (ARC625)
  • Lloyd, Brig. Gen. Wayne (ARC126)
  • Lock (Locke) Family (ARC695)
  • Lockhart, James (ARC224)
  • Lucas Family (ARC104)
  • Lucas, Virginia (ARC124)


  • Marmion Family (ARC600)
  • Milton-Gruber Family (ARC60)
  • Muse-Lewis Family (ARC150)
  • Osburn Family (ARC129)
  • Ott, Lillian McClellan (ARC669)
  • Packett, William Bainbridge (ARC670)
  • Perry, T. T. (ARC682)
  • Porterfield Family (ARC227)
  • Porterfield, Mary M. (ARC122)
  • Ramey-Lloyd Family (ARC263)
  • Rissler, Gerard M. Family (ARC681)


  • Shannondale Springs (ARC5)
  • Shenandoah Milling Company (ARC269)
  • Shepherd, Henry St. John (ARC661)
  • Skinner Law Firm Record Books (ARC114)
  • Stephenson Seminary (ARC219)
  • Storer College Celebration-2015 (ARC276)
  • Strider, Emma Tomlinson (ARC624)
  • Tabb, George Washington Family (ARC14)
  • Trussell Family (ARC262)
  • Veiner, Hyman (ARC631)
  • Viener, Jacob and the Viener Family (ARC223)
  • Vote YES Table Games (ARC29)
  • Ward-Charles Town Hospital Construction (ARC105)
  • Washington, Bushrod Corbin Family (ARC655)
  • Wilson, William Lyne (ARC553)
  • Yates Family (ARC509)